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Make a lasting impression with teeth whitening smiles

Make a lasting impression with teeth whitening smiles

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Beautiful Smiles

Letís face it, first impressions are vastly important in this day and age.

In fact, research into human behavior reveals that we judge the physical, mental and emotional reserves of a person based on our instinctual first impressions.

Something to smile about:

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When we first meet someone, their face makes a huge impression on us. A radiant smile automatically registers feelings of trust.

This may make you the perfect candidate for a job or a relationship, depending on the inner values of the other person.

All around us, we see flashing white smiles on the faces of trusted newsmen and women, celebrities and heroic archetypes.

As you will see, maintaining a healthy mouth will give you confidence in your inter-personal relations.

There are several ways to keep your smile beautiful and welcoming, both through diet and dental hygiene.

History of Dental Care

Our fixation with the perfect smile reaches far back in history.

The Sumerians were concerned with tooth decay as early as 5000 B.C. Tooth worms were a direct cause of deteriorating health, beginning with fungal mouth infections.

Toothpaste emerged in the Chinese and Indian world of aristocracy not long after. They used enamel, natural essential oils, and short bristles to keep their teeth white.

The prototypical toothpaste of the modern world had its basis in the 1800ís, and slowly evolved to include soap and chalk.

By 1837, Colgate Manufacturing had developed itís first line of toothpaste, leading other manufacturers like Dr. Sheffield to develop more advanced formulas.

By the 1940ís Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Ricinoleate and Fluoride replaced the original soap and chalk formula. This occurred just as tooth decay was on the rise in America.

The first nylon bristle brush also came onto the market during the 1940ís, soon to be followed by the first electrical toothbrush in the 1960ís.

Increasing its importance in the American culture, dental care increased in value with the introduction of laser treatments during the late 1960ís.

Today dental care is as important as regular visits to the doctor.

Types of Dental Care

With such a cultural focus on appearance and health, dental care has branched out into many different specialty areas.

Letís take a look at the various forms of dentistry available:

  • Laser
  • Aesthetic
  • Cosmetic

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on restoring your teeth to a healthy looking smile.

An aesthetic dentist will fix gnarled or rotting teeth through various methods, like: whitening discoloration, sealing cracks and chips, and replacing dull teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is basically a specialized branch of aesthetic dentistry, and is often referred to as one in the same.

The difference between the two lies in the procedures, in general, dentistry cosmetics are more complicated. Tooth reconstruction and plastic surgery are cosmetic means used in dentistry to obtain a beautiful smile.

The latest technology used in dentistry is laser treatment.

The use of a highly effective laser can produce quality results without the time and pain that is involved in traditional aesthetic dentistry.

Lasers are being used to do various procedures, such as bleaching, removing cavities, decay and plaque, as well as tooth restoration.

Esthetic dentistry is another vastly important form of dental care available today, as are implants, pediatrics, sedation, sleep and holistic dentistry.

Keep reading through this site for more up-to-date information on dentistry procedures, quality toothpaste and toothbrushes, as well as alternative information on holistic methods.

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